Thirty years ago the Berlin Wall fell and so did the old world order. The Soviet Union only survived a couple of years. Some might remember the dream of Mikhail Gorbachev about the common “European…

30 years – The Fall of the Berlin Wall: What about Russia?

In September 2017, Dutch collective Metahaven first visited Kyiv giving an artist talk and presenting their work Information Skies. Soon, their new work, Hometown, will be presented at Izolyatsia. We’ve had a conversation, first in…


Авторка книжки «Чому інтернет-порно має значення» МАРГРЕТ ГРЕБОВІЧ – про нове поняття приватності, ілюзію свободи вибору й котиків у соцмережах.

Margret Grebowicz: “We are more alone than ever”

ЄВГЕНІЯ ОЛІЙНИК аналізує фільм Сергія Лозниці «Аустерліц» й говорить про неминучі наслідки комерціалізації просторів пам'яті.


Ukrainian society is closing into “cosy ghettos”, says Serhiy Zhadan – but the writer and activist thinks that there are still ways in which dialogues can be opened up with people in the occupied territories….

Zhadan: ‘In the fight against the enemy, we forget about finding potential allies’

The creative work of Marie Bashkirtseff belongs concurrently to several cultures – French, Ukrainian, and Russian. Immediately following the death of the artist and “Diary” author, her mythical status as a prominent figure at the…

The Cosmopolite

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