In September 2017, Dutch collective Metahaven first visited Kyiv giving an artist talk and presenting their work Information Skies. Soon, their new work, Hometown, will be presented at Izolyatsia. We’ve had a conversation, first in…


Авторка книжки «Чому інтернет-порно має значення» МАРГРЕТ ГРЕБОВІЧ – про нове поняття приватності, ілюзію свободи вибору й котиків у соцмережах.

Margret Grebowicz: “We are more alone than ever”

ЄВГЕНІЯ ОЛІЙНИК аналізує фільм Сергія Лозниці «Аустерліц» й говорить про неминучі наслідки комерціалізації просторів пам'яті.


Ukrainian society is closing into “cosy ghettos”, says Serhiy Zhadan – but the writer and activist thinks that there are still ways in which dialogues can be opened up with people in the occupied territories….

Zhadan: ‘In the fight against the enemy, we forget about finding potential allies’

The creative work of Marie Bashkirtseff belongs concurrently to several cultures – French, Ukrainian, and Russian. Immediately following the death of the artist and “Diary” author, her mythical status as a prominent figure at the…

The Cosmopolite

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