В авторській колонці ЄВГЕНІЯ ОЛІЙНИК пише про химерні форми боротьби з «совком», які виникають у публічному просторі країни.


Ukrainian society is closing into “cosy ghettos”, says Serhiy Zhadan – but the writer and activist thinks that there are still ways in which dialogues can be opened up with people in the occupied territories….

Zhadan: ‘In the fight against the enemy, we forget about finding potential allies’

Everything that happens in this war happens gradually, in stages. It’s not exactly clear why that is. Maybe it’s because we’re up against a massive, inert enemy, one incapable of acting quickly. Or because they…

Fear and Loathing: Borders of Identity

“Let’s talk about the limits of free speech…” somebody nearby says. The host invites guests to call in and between callers launches into a polemic on the attack at the Charlie Hedbo offices. He says…

Freedom from Terror

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