Culture for Tomorrow

There is a real threat that culture becomes only an instrument of ideological propaganda in the times of war. That is why we need to discuss the controversial topics and to develop a common vision for our future and cultural strategies.

“Culture for Tomorrow” is a platform aimed at
– articulation of the possible visions for the development of culture in Ukraine and rethinking of the European values;
– development of a new type of connections between communities and regions of Ukraine, based on understanding and respect for the Other (other race, nation, sexual identity or ideological views);
– finding different ways of cooperation between creative economy and state policy in cultural field in Ukraine.

Project includes three thematic blocks:
– policy of inclusion instead of policy of exclusion
– (self)-censorship in the cultural field
– creative economy as an important factor of the development in culture

“Culture for Tomorrow” goal is to establish culture is a powerful tool for solving of painful issues which have arisen in society after the revolution and war in Ukraine. Project combines a structured set of texts in the special topic and discussion program. Discussions, lectures, and roundtables took place twice a month from November 2014 till May 2015 with participation of cultural managers, artists, journalists, and philosophers from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Serbia, and other countries.

Project “Culture for Tomorrow” was supported by the Prince Claus Fund and i3 grant program of Foundation for Development of Ukraine.

special topics: