About Korydor

Korydor is an online critical magazine about contemporary culture that is launched, developed and supported by the Foundation Center for Contemporary Art.

The founder of Korydor is Kateryna Botanova.

Five years of its independent existence KORYDOR defends the importance of critical thinking and provides a platform for communication between different communities. We create the archive of ideas and events, analyze the distinctive features of time, and discuss burning issues, supporting reasonable things.

We are pleased to meet new authors and texts and serve as starting point and on-job-training for quite a number of young cultural journalists and critics. That’s why we conducted the “Culture 3.0″ Seminar on Cultural Criticism and Reportage – an educational projects based on the online magazine Korydor.

Korydor’s team:

Editor in chief – Vira Baldyniuk
Design – Roman Gorin
Programming / Coding – Andriy Shpiliovyi

At various times Korydor was developed by:
Kateryna Botanova, Zhanna Ozirna, Olena Dmytryk, Anna Lysiuk, Anna Pohribna.

Korydor was supported by:
Stella Beniaminova, Pavlo Makow, Natalia Zhevago and Cultural Project

Korydor was supported by i3 grant program of Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine in 2011. Korydor was the first media in Ukraine ever supported through the crowd-funding in 2013. The “Culture for Tomorrow” special topic was supported by the Prince Claus Fund and by i3 grant program of Foundation for Development of Ukraine.

special topics: