Zhenia Olijnyk

Євгенія Олійник


ЄВГЕНІЯ ОЛІЙНИК аналізує фільм Сергія Лозниці «Аустерліц» й говорить про неминучі наслідки комерціалізації просторів пам'яті.


Croatian writer and journalist Slavenka Drakulic may be called a communism anthropologist. What she studies is soviet mentality. That may be documenting women’s experience of everyday life in socialism (“How We Survived Communism and Even…

Slavenka Drakulic: “Between freedom and security people choose security”

“Let’s talk about the limits of free speech…” somebody nearby says. The host invites guests to call in and between callers launches into a polemic on the attack at the Charlie Hedbo offices. He says…

Freedom from Terror

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