Ukr The creative work of Marie Bashkirtseff belongs concurrently to several cultures – French, Ukrainian, and Russian. Immediately following the death of the artist and “Diary” author, her mythical status as a prominent figure at the clash of centuries spread…


The Cosmopolite

Ukr Everything that happens in this war happens gradually, in stages. It’s not exactly clear why that is. Maybe it’s because we’re up against a massive, inert enemy, one incapable of acting quickly. Or because they intend to handle things…


Fear and Loathing: Borders of Identity

Ukr Negotiations regarding the terms of Ukraine’s participation in the Creative Europe Program are currently underway. What we know is that Ukraine could acquire the right to join this grant program for a nominal entry fee of 1 Euro. It…


The Creativity Virus

The stories of iconoclasm carried out by artists, and not by religious or ideological censors, come down to us from the time when these acts began to be recorded in artists’ biographies.


The Devil’s in the Details

Ukr “Let’s talk about the limits of free speech…” somebody nearby says. The host invites guests to call in and between callers launches into a polemic on the attack at the Charlie Hedbo offices. He says something about the Middle…


Freedom from Terror

Ukr The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic have held “elections”, but Ukraine has officially cut off financing to the territories. And yet the Donbas question comes up when considering the issue of contemporary Ukrainian identity. Indeed,…


Tested by the Donbas

Ukr Over the past three years in Ukraine a significant amount of collective space – anti-cafes, co-working space, creative space, and hubs – has started popping up. Like everywhere else, these help form a new, creative economy and develop the…


Collective Spaces: the Ukrainian Experience

Ukr The noonday equipoise of this city of one million trembles at the leafy juncture of tree and its ripening yield. Lean and filthy, children shatter beer bottles with pieces of stone outside the windows. The rumbling from the asphalt…


Ghetto of Vice

Ukr And if turning to mankind in these days I reveal how like an arrow the century flies And indeed from this band of days Did war take wing some archaic, unspoken glyph? Velimir Khlebnikov Is art needed in wartime?…


The Path to Follow

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